What means FOPPS?

FOPPS is an abbreviation for Feature Oriented Product Planning System and tries to pick up the basic ideas of the Feature Oriented Domain Analysis (FODA) and the Product Line Approach (PLA) provided by the SEI.

What's behind FODA?

FODA started as a feasibility study to establish a method to describe your requirements with modeling primitives (such as generalization/specialization or aggregation/decomposition). FODA consists of three phases

  1. Context analysis (Scope of a domain and the relations to external elements)

  2. Domain modeling (Variablilities and Commonalities of a product family regarding features, behaviour,...)

  3. Architecture modeling (High level design of domain applications)

For further details please refer to the FODA SW Technology Review

FOPPS will help you to capture the commonalities and variablities in a feature view and configure your products.


What's behind PLA?

PLA provides a method to establish Software Product Lines (SPL) in an organization. A software product line is a set of systems sharing a common set features, base on the same software architecture and adressing a particular market segment. The process is divided in three major activities

  1. Core Asset Development (Development for reuse)

  2. Product Development (Development with reuse)

  3. Technical and organisational management

These activities are consists of 29 practice areas which gives you a kind of road map how you may setup SPL's in your business. Examples for practice areas are Configuration Management, Architecture Definition, Risk Management, etc.

The center of these activities is the software architecture, since it is the foundation of your assets and products.

Further informations are available at the SEI.

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